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Monday, October 27, 2008

My Hero

My Model of Life

As I was walking in the greenness of the Ateneo campus, my mind went far away, recalling my childhood experiences in grade school. One by one, my experiences came to my mind. It was a joy to experience what I have gone through and the experience that touched me most was my great hero. At that time the teacher asked me who my hero was. Immediately I answered that my hero was my father. As a child the only person I looked up to as my hero and model of life is always my father. I want to be like him when I grow old.
My father is a civil servant and a soft spoken person. He is well known by the name of Pai Samu. In English it means Father Samu. His complete name is Samuel da Costa Alves. However, people like to call him Pai Samu because it shows the closeness among them. He doesn’t like to talk a lot. What he likes to do is to get his things done rather than talk. He is a family man. He cares for the family more than anything else. He liked to jokes with us and asks us how our studies were going. This made us closer to him than to our mother. I remember when he asked me what I wanted to be in the future. Then, with a bit of shyness I told him that I wanted to be like him and there was no reason for that answer. It was a joy for me to tell him my desire which I had never told him before. After that he embraced me and I felt secure in my father’s hands. Aside from this, he is also close to the neighbors and his co-workers. He likes to help them when they asked for his help. The soft spokeness and friendliness that he presents help him to get alone with them and they love him too. As far as I know, my father has never had a problem with anyone else. Perhaps he has, but he has tried not to reveal it or show it openly.
Now looking back at the time when I was under his care, I feel proud of him. He has shown me his uncountable love and responsibility to take care of me from the time I was born till the day I left him. My tears are falling as I do my reflection about him. It seemed to me that I have not expressed my feeling and desire to like him often. Anyway, I now realize in a different way that I will put him as my model, not as I told him before, but in the way that I have chosen to be. I am very proud to be his son.

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