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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Baguio My Favourite Place

Baguio My Favourite Place

Since my arrival in the Philippine, I have been to two places outside Manila like Mindoro and Baguio. Of these two places, Baguio is the one I like most compared to Mindoro. It is located on a hill and surrounded by green trees; also it has its culture and native people and their traditional houses.
In Baguio there are more things to see than in Mindoro. For instance, there is a residence of the president for summer vacation, a hydropower system which is an electricity supplier to the city, the old architecture building which was as built by the American on the hill named Mains view, the big churches and a Botanical Garden which is located in the main city of Baguio. During my two days’ stay there, I was able to visit these places chatting with the local people and I had fun with them. It was an enriching experience getting to know people from outside Manila because they have a different way of life and a different way of adjusting to the situation that they are going through.
Besides this there is Baguio’s weather. It has cool weather and this reminds me of my hometown which has the same weather as Baguio. It brought me the memory of my life in the past where every day I had to wear a jacket and sometimes didn’t take a shower for a week. It’s also good for walking around the city with this type of weather instead of taking a
transport as I did when I was there.
Another interesting thing in Baguio is horse riding. I liked riding horses when I was a child; however, after moving to the city I couldn’t ride anymore. So when I found out that there were horses for people to ride I took this chance.
All the experiences in Baguio really made me like this place very much compared to other places. I am looking forward to going there again when there is a chance to go back, and I will visit the other beautiful places that I didn’t have a chance to go to.

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