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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Timor Leste Educational system

Education is one of the important parts of a country’s development in the world and East Timor is one of the examples of it. As a new country with plenty of natural resources, East Timor needs a good educational system to produce its human resources to run their country and explore their natural resources. However, what type of educational system is appropriate for the country is still in uncertainty even though the country has been using Indonesian and Portuguese educational system.
Since its separation from Indonesia, the educational system in East Timor has been upside down. There is no proper curriculum that has been set up by the government to be used in the schools for the teachers to teach, no text books as guidance for the teachers and students as well, no public libraries and one common language from four languages are now spoken by Timorese to be used in school. These have been major concerns for us the Timorese people, and our government has been trying hard to improve but so far there is no sign of improvement.
I think the problem for our educational system is that we were educated by two different countries. Our old generations were educated by the Portuguese and they are the leaders of the country now, and we the young generations were educated by the Indonesians for the future of the country. Therefore, our mind has been set up by two different educational systems and it is hard for us to put these two things together.
So, the way to solve the problem of the educational system is that the government has to study and take some important parts from these two educational systems of Indonesia and Portugal, and come out with something new from the combination of these two. I think this will solve our educational system and it will provide human resources for our country in the future and its well being.

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