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Thursday, December 11, 2008

My Favourite Sport

Football is my most favourite sport. I like soccer because it really helps to bring people from different cultures, races and nationalities from all over the world together; and the only game that many people watch as far as I know. Also soccer was the only game that was played by many people in the place where I grew up.
I started playing soccer when I was seven years old with my neighbour in the small volleyball field in our school because we didn’t have a soccer field yet at that time. It was fun playing with the neighbours and I still remember all those past experiences of mine. At that time, we kids in my place were around twenty, and every afternoon at four o’clock we called each other to play, and we were able to form a small team among us. That experience is still fresh in my mind and I will never forget it in my whole life. Then from that neighbourhood experience I was chosen with other friends to represent our school in the competition. I was given a task to play in the defence midfield and I enjoyed playing on that position; even until now this position is still my favourite position.
Aside from playing soccer, I too watched four consecutives FIFA World Cup and EURO cup tournaments on TV, and I even missed some classes because of staying up late watching soccer during these two big competitions. These two big events really brought people around the world together, and even in a small country like East Timor. Also it helped me to learn some skills from the players and apply it when I came to play.
I feel that playing soccer has helped me to know other people who have different backgrounds and cultures, and built friendships through and after the game. Soccer will always be my favourite sport all the time

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